Campus Code

A fraternity of coders and developers who aim to conduct periodic coding contests, workshops, hackathons, placement-oriented workshops, etc for anyone and everyone in and around their colleges and universities who wish to showcase their skills. All these event will be backed up and mentored by the best in the industry and there are various exciting prizes up for grabs.

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Coding practice

Jamming sessions where participants code together with only motive to learn along with the peers.

Tech events

Technical events and workshops meant for building skills in the community. These can be either taken up by the local community leaders or by industry experts which we will help them get in contact with.

Placement preparation

It all comes down to placement for college graduates. Doesn't it ? Campus Code communities will be the hotspots of learning and practicing the basic skills required to score handsome packages in top companies.

Expert Mentorship

The community will be backed by industry experts and experienced mentors for the smooth functioning of events and upskilling of the members.

What We Do?

Campus Code Designed to Meet
Your Placement and Career Needs

Coding right from basics

The approach followed will be a "zero to hero" kind of approach where we start right from basics and make sure all members have solid basics.

Support from community

Apart from the close mentorship during coding sessions, solutions and hint videos will be shared after each Coding contest as well in order to help participants rectify their mistakes.

Placement training

Campus Code communities will be the hotspots of learning and practicing the basic skills required to score handsome packages in top companies.

Mentorship from industry experts

Through the community, one can frequently get in touch with the big guns of the industry while being in college itself. This kind of exposure is rare for a bachelor's degree student.

Prizes and mentorship opportunities for winners in the periodic coding contests

1. Top 10 students of each contest will get a ranked verifiable certificate to flaunt their achievement in the campus and on social media. The rest will get participation certificates which also will be verifiable.

2. Top 5 students in a semester based on the periodic contests' results will recieve award and goodies from GiveMyCertificate in addition to the certificates.

3. Students who consistently perform well and are recommended by the local community leaders will get mentorship from industry tech experts and special guidance at the time of placements

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Campus Code Coding Contest series will start from 21 August 2021, 8:00 PM.
Coding Plateform - CodeChef
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Become a Student Partner

Campus Code Student Partner program is an Ambassador Program for motivated individuals in Computer Science and related domains. This gives them a platform to showcase and increase their skills and push their career forward. The program is mentored by industry experts who want to form a community of like minded people and bridge the gap between skills required for placements and college education.

Student partners will be responsible for empowering and motivating their fellow mates, organising workshops, technical events, etc and also for spreading the word about Campus Code and GiveMyCertificate.

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