• Student Partner Program
    A campus connect program that aims to form a community of like -minded students across India.
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Student Partner

Your responsibilities as Student Partner


Setup a local Campus Code community in your campus and area to help other students in and around the university. We motivate you to be not just limited to students but to people of all age groups who can benefit with the technologies

Campus Code

Spread the word about Campus Code and it's activities so that others can also make use of the benefits for better skills and placement guidance.

Conduct Event

Conduct tech seminars and events in local community and campus to uplift and upskill the community

Represent GMC

Let others know about GiveMyCertificate and help other communities and college chapters make use of the completely free certificate sponsorship offered by GiveMyCertificate.


What's in it for you?


Valuable Certificate to showcase your achievements and contributions.


A letter of recommendation from the industry experts, subject to your activeness and contributions


An opportunity to become a regional chapter lead, which will be a big boost to your career.


Receive mentorship from industry experts for career, startup planning, etc

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you can send us an email from our contact form

Anyone who has a knack for coding or designing and any other field in tech and is motivated enough to help the community in upskilling can apply. It is preferred if you are a decent enough speaker or maybe good in writing so that you can convey the ideas in an effective manner.

The basic period of this responsibility will be 6 months or one semester. It can be carried forward for the next tenure if your performance is good enough.

There will be a form which you need to fill with the event details in order to report the events.

Yes, of course. Communities are meant to grow together. If you have any requirement for career guidance, or you have a good marketable idea and you need help with it, we and our community will be there to help you out.